Local SEO Services for Industrial Companies

Industrial Marketing understands that industrial business owners have a lot on their plates. In addition to daily operations, keeping a steady flow of new opportunities in their pipeline is an important part of growing their business. This is where Local SEO comes in.
More than half of all total Google search queries have local intent. So how does that impact your business? It means that potential customers are searching for your services within your service area, and why all business need local SEO. Is your company ready to be found in a local search?

Improve your Local SEO Today

Local SEO Services to help your business grow

Industrial Marketing partners with businesses to help them grow. We have created innovative tactics, that produce an incredible digital experience for the modern consumer. Every day, competing in the online marketing race becomes more complex and expensive. This culture favors big brands and big budgets over smaller local business. The real challenge is that the local business owner is investing with limited dollars and must maximize how far it goes. Time is expensive when it is billed by vendors and agencies. Typical agency fees can range from $100 to $300 dollars per hour. Certain tasks are just not worth those big dollars, yet they still need to be done. That is why we created our Local SEO service for our industrial customers. It combines a mixture of technology and the resources that small businesses have to create a digital experience big agencies cannot offer.

Listings Management

Our tools enable anyone to identify the most important local listings, verify that those listings have been claimed, and that the listings are accurate. We start with the most common and important listings such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Superpages, and then check the accuracy of hundreds more. Get a top down view of all your listings.

Massive Syndication

Disseminates accurate information to the appropriate networks. When data aggregators get updated they act as an amplifier to hundreds of online listings. They are the go-to source for hundreds of listings websites. It is crucial that the aggregators are given the accurate information to feed back to the massive information networks that rely on them.

One-Click Listing Claiming

When we build listings outside of the network we plan and create new listings in custom places not found in traditional products. Industrial Marketing can help your company identify unique opportunities and leverage making them part of your overall strategy.

Competitive Analysis

How can you beat your competition if you don’t know what they are doing? Well, we do know! Industrial Marketing can identify listings that our competition has that we do not yet have. We see exactly how they have been able to create the network of listings that push them higher in the search engines, and we can create an even higher quality countermeasure. This advanced level of auditing is rare and allows us to keep our edge over our competition.
97% of consumers look online first for services
All businesses should be found in a local search, especially if you have specific areas of service you want to target.  
Online Directories

1. Online Directories

Having your company listed on directories is an important signal to google that your business is active. It's also integral to make sure directories are all consistent with the correct information. Inconsistent information makes search engines unsure of the correct details and affects your website rank.

We make sure you are listed in the most important places and make sure all your company information is correct everywhere it's listed.
Directory Submission
Correct Wrong Entries
Update Changes

2. Google MyBusiness Optimization

As google is the most utilized search engine we want to make sure your profile on Google MyBusiness is claimed, up to date, and optimized for local searches. Good descriptions of your product and services offerings, correct contact information and photo's all help with your local rank and the visibility of your business.

Claiming your Google MyBusiness entry also gives access to valuable statistics about local searches.
Google My Business Optimization

3. Reviews

Reviews are another important component of local SEO. Good reviews encourage potential clients to visit your website by making your company stand out from the competition. Regular, good reviews are also a signal to search engines that your business is active, and will help it rank higher.

Utilizing a custom plugin we ensure reviews are displayed on your website to and provide tools to help encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews.
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