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Access products that get you on the best supplier sourcing platform trusted by Institutional Buyers not using search engines. 
Data shows buyers could be as much as 70% of the way through their buying journeys before you find out they’re interested in products and services like yours — if you ever find out at all. Go beyond analytics with Thomas WebTrax to see who is in-market for what you offer, how they’re interacting with your online presence, and where they are in the buying journey.
Thomas WebTrax gives qualified industrial product and service suppliers access to Opportunity Intelligence, which uses real-time data from their website, Thomas Network profile, CAD files, and phone calls — and organizes it into one comprehensive dashboard to track, identify, and engage high-value opportunities.

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Track all your opportunities

With Thomas WebTrax, you can seamlessly follow a buyer throughout their entire journey, from the Thomas Network, to your website, to their most recent touch with your business — including an RFI or phone call. By having real-time data showing you everything from their first interaction with your online presence up through their most recent activity, you’ll never miss another opportunity.
Track Opportunities
Identify Opportunities

Identify your high-value opportunities

Our platform allows you to automatically define and identify the opportunities that provide the best growth path for your business, using demographic and firmographic filters to specify criteria such as industry, geography, company size, revenue range, and company name. All settings and filters are easily adjustable and update in real-time to coincide with your evolving business goals.

Engage your opportunities

By allowing you to see each buyer’s activity and engagement that led up to their current stage of the buying process, Thomas WebTrax gives your sales team valuable insight and enables them to craft more meaningful outreach calls. Thomas WebTrax even has the ability to feed your Thomas Network RFIs directly into your marketing automation system, to fuel your pipeline and keep your sales team busy.
Engage Opportunities


Customize Targets

Choose the characteristics of your ideal customer — industry, company size, etc.

Target Activity

Track your targets to see how they’re interacting with your online presence.

Advanced Bot Filtering

See the actual buyers — not robots — with our robust filtering.

RFI & Call Summaries

Thomas provides notes on all RFIs submitted on the Thomas Network and through phone calls. **Thomas Client Exclusive

Ongoing Company Tracking

Monitor the activity of your prospects as they move through the buying process.

Thomas Network Platform Monitoring

Connect the activity on the Thomas Network to your website in one seamless view.
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