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Selling To Primes


Growing Commercial Relationships


Selling Products Direct


Introducing New Innovative Products to Market


Selling To Primes

One important step every single Prime will be taking is to review your website and they will be using it as part of their criteria for deciding to partner up with you. Are you proud of what they will see? Do you show off your experience and capabilities making a compelling argument for why to choose you?


Growing Commercial Relationships

Most companies find themselves growing by expanding the relationships they have, but often are not actually adding any new customers. This makes them become more dependent and potential at risk of being overly exposed. A healthy business is one that always is generating new relationships and never finds itself overly reliant on any single customer.


Selling Products Direct

Making it easy to do business with your company and purchasing products direct is a must in the current environment. Yes old relationships can last, but as the old guard is quickly being replaced by the new, your company better be prepared with high-quality catalogs of products online and the ability to instantly get quotes directly.


Introducing New Innovative Products to Market

Do you have a game-changing product that reduces costs or speeds up productivity? Often these types of products that traditional online marketing just can’t penetrate. Not everyone is looking for these new innovative products, so traditional Adwords and SEO channels will likely come up short. The good news is there are better ways to get these new products into the hands of the exact people you need them to be.

Learn How The Industrial Sales Process Is Changing

The Old Way Of Selling Is Quickly Becoming Automated.

Industrial Sales 1.0

What is Industrial Sales 1.0 to us?  We like to think of this the same way we would be asking our sales team did they have a good day.  Did they insert 30 new prospects into the CRM, did they make 100 phone calls and send 20 follow up emails.  All of those standard metrics sales teams have been working towards for years.  Things that are important, are you setting 2 to 3 appointments per week, how many of those appointments showed, and how many turned into sales.  These old school metrics are tried and true, but also quickly becoming harder and harder to find companies still doing business this way.

Previous Success Drives Decisions

The 1.0 Sales System is built on what has always worked in the past.  Call enough prospects and eventually, something will stick.  This proven method works, however, due to the cost and inefficiency companies find it is becoming less and less reliable and the cost per acquisition is becoming too expensive.

Timing Lightning In A Bottle

The trick of direct prospecting is being in the right place at the right time.  In the 1.0 methodology, the salesperson has to time their outreach to when the company may be deciding to possibly switch suppliers.  This requires enormous effort and constantly checking in.


In the 1.0 model a company either decides to hire a direct prospecting representative or task higher paid individuals with the low-value task of setting appointments and finding new business.  When you break down the cost of payroll, office space, and tools given to this individual, very quickly the expense can be quite sizeable for a small business.  Even then the outcomes are not guaranteed.  Success will only ever penetrate the percentage of the market who does business that way.

The Website Is Merely A Business Card

Companies who are working off the 1.0 model want a website merely so someone can find them if they look.  The fatal assumption is that customers don’t care or judge someone by their website.  The simple litmus test is this, do you make buying decisions based on a companies website?  Do you prefer working with companies that make working with them easier?  Would your company pass your own standards?

Constant Following Up Via Manual Actions

Again, companies find well-paid employees spending time on repetitive low-value tasks.  A personalized follow up is certainly worthy.  But the reps have to schedule times and set reminders.

Industrial Sales 4.0

A unique and proven system for all sizes

Industrial Sales 4.0 takes many of the manual tasks of the past and creates an integrated approach to automating the sales process.  What used to be divided into two roles, one of which was the cold calling prospector to schedule meetings is now replaced with technology and automation in very much the same way the CNC machine replaced old manual machining.  The 4.0 system allows a salesforce to scale and reach new markets at a fraction of the cost older methods were.

Data Drives Decisions

Measure twice and cut once is a time-tested saying.  Yet it is even truer when considering a go to market strategy.  We back our decisions with data that informs us of our market potential.  No more creating ideas and testing them with blind faith.

Lightning Is Constantly Striking Somewhere

The greatest strength of Sales 4.0 is the ability to be in exactly the right place at the zero-moment a buying decision is being made.  Though it is rare for a supplier to be looking to change, it is happening hundreds of times a day for nearly every industry.  The power of regional to global markets is that lightning is striking every day.

Lower Cost Over Time

Investing in technology and marketing assets have the benefit of lowering the cost of operating over time.  Why, because assets like content and brochures take time to create, but last forever.  Unlike a salesperson that can leave and take all of that training with them, your sales system is owned just like any other equipment.  Over time with the right strategy it will produce greater and greater results for the same input.

The Website Is The Center Of Your Experience

In the 4.0 method, customers will find you from hundreds of different places, but will eventually end up on your website.  This is why it is recognized as the most crucial component.  With strong lead generation magnets and proper information.  The website can replace the long-winded explanation of what it is your company does.  With extensive built-in technology, data is given back to the owners to know exactly who was looking and what they looked at.

Sales Automation

Sales are able to be automated with extensive follow up workflows and actionable triggers.  Get informed when a prospect opens an email or revisits the website.  Instant alerts making your precise timing feel like luck to the prospect.  Far fewer follow-ups during intrusive and inappropriate times.

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By this point, you are likely wondering how it all works and what things your company should be doing.  This is why we created this complete guide to the 4.0 sales system.  It represents an entirely new way of developing new business and doesn’t rely on any single magic bullet to do it.  The IS 4.0 System is a holistic and proven system that works for industrial companies from Custom Manufacturers to OEM’s, and beyond.  Start with downloading our free eBook now.

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