Is Your Website a Single Source of Truth?

Ensure decision makers see your full potential with an all-encompassing website showcasing your capabilities, services, and quality assurance with Industrial Marketing’s RevOps sales, marketing, and web development experts.
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Industrial Marketing

Welcome to Industrial Marketing, where growth meets innovation. Introducing RevOps, our comprehensive program designed to revolutionize your sales and marketing efforts. With a focus on increasing leads and maximizing efficiency, RevOps offers tailored solutions to suit your business needs.
RevOps is the strategic integration of sales, marketing, and customer success to supercharge revenue growth.

Industrial Marketing Sales and Marketing

Our suite of services are built to deliver results for suppliers wanting to generate new qualified leads. These capabilities ensure we deliver the results and have the full resources needed to we your buyer’s Single Source of Truth.

Sonar Pro Suite

Elevate your manufacturing business with the all-in-one ABM platform, Sonar Pro Suite. Our suite features four powerful growth tools, including precision list building and actionable intelligence. Gain a decisive market advantage by anticipating prospect behavior months in advance. Seamlessly integrate with leading CRMs and access for unparalleled lead generation, ensuring a smooth and accelerated growth trajectory.

Sonar Pro Suite Tools

  • Industrial Sonar
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Executive Reporting
Sonar Pro Suite

Discovery Suite

Discover success with our comprehensive three-phase Discovery Plan, tailored to elevate your business in a competitive market.
Kickstart your journey with Phase One, where we delve into a Market-Ready Website Analysis and Technical SEO Audit to optimize your digital presence. Phase Two advances your strategy with a detailed Competitor Analysis Report and the creation of an Ideal Customer Profile, equipping you with essential market insights. Concluding with Phase Three, we provide a Content Matrix, a strategic roadmap for your website, followed by an in-depth Strategy Meeting to discuss the integration of all findings. The pacing of the plan is flexible, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your day-to-day responsibilities.

AI Supply Chain Optimization

Discover the power of AI Supply Chain Optimization (AI SCO) for your business! AI SCO is essential for modern supply chains, helping you determine if your company can bid on contracts based on your facilities, capabilities, standards, and materials.
AI SCO is your secret weapon for staying competitive in today’s dynamic global market. Let’s transform your supply chain together!
AI Supply Chain Optimization

Industries we Work With

Industrial Marketing works with a variety of manufacturing facilities and machine shops to create a Single Source of Truth website to drive lead generation.

Industrial Manufacturers

Machinery Manufacturing

Aerospace & Defense

High Tech

Construction & Engineering

Industry 4.0 Vision

Our goal is to enable the manufacturing revival to thrive in America. Helping small to large companies in acquiring new contracts helps communities creating high paying employment opportunities. We enable our clients to help re-shore jobs by making it easier to do business with them and support the industrial supply chains they participate within.
  • Build high-quality and high-converting Single Source of Truth websites
  • Increase product, capabilities, and service visibility in Organic Search
  • Generate in-market sales opportunities with Site Sonar
  • Continue building industry-leading sales and marketing software
  • Grow manufacturing and the jobs that it supports

How We Work


Our team in Nashua NH are experts in the industrial supply chain and B2B lead generation strategies. Our goal starts with client success defined by new business acquisition.


By leveraging our vast experience working directly with hundreds of manufacturers we understand delivering efficient programs built with quality requirements not found in other industries.


Our suite of products all compliment the goal of generating new business for our suppliers. By utilizing the right product for the correct problem, we will quickly deliver results.

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