Conversion Tracking

At Industrial Marketing, our conversion tracking helps turn leads into lifelong customers. We will monitor the activity on your site and adapt any elements that are lagging, all with the aim of boosting conversions.
Once you have the foundation of your digital marketing campaign in place - optimized landing pages, relevant blog posts, PPC ads, social media posts and ads - how do you monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and website? 

Conversion tracking enables your to see the number of interactions with your ads and content, what steps people are taking in their buying journey through your site, which pages drive the most conversions, and your return on investment.

Our conversion tracking covers:

Requests for information and quotes
Contact form submissions
Calls resulting from website visits
Brochure downloads
App installations
Call to action conversions
Email sign-ups
...and more!
Call on site conversions to finish a sale
Measure the best performing keywords on your website based on clicks
Track sales and conversions to understand which campaigns are succeeding and which are struggling
Calculate return on investment (ROI) for a specific campaign

Start Tracking Conversions Today

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