COVID-19 Rapid Capabilities Page Building for Manufacturers


Be part of America's manufacturing revival by helping small to large companies build solutions that bring businesses closer to their customers by being one click away when they face a supply chain impact.

How Can Manufacturers Join the Fight Against COVID-19?

By turning your standard capabilities list into a COVID-19 Rapid Capabilities page using best SEO practices, you can promote a quick list for buyers in desperate need of high demand products and services allowing you to quickly connect them to your products and services available.

Capabilities Page Building

Create a high-quality capabilities page specifically to highlight in-demand services and products you offer.

  • Focus on in-demand segments
  • Make it clear your turn-around times
  • Do you have services such as assembly?
  • Include certifications
  • Be creative - every company is different
Example of a COVID-19 Rapid Manufacturing Capabilities Page Layout

Use Our Worksheet to Outline Your Capabilities for Your Web Developer

Articulate your capabilities with a new page. Utilize technical resources like, and review your competitor's sites.

Our team created this easy to use worksheet to fill out and provide to your web development team to easily and quickly build this new page for your site.

Create and Share Your Capabilities

Work with your web development team to design your new COVID-19 Rapid Manufacturing page. Be sure to make it easy to navigate to from any page on your site by adding a direct link in the Header and Footer.

Work with your marketing team to get this information out through your customer email lists, create a blog post and syndicate it, craft a press release, and reach out to your local news.


Thomas Coronavirus Resource Hub For Manufacturers and Industrial Professionals

COVID-19 Emergency Supply Sourcing & Manufacturing

Special thanks to the US Commercial Service for hosting our webinar on creating a COVID-19 Rapid Capabilities page for manufacturer's websites.

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