See what which companies are browsing your website and which opportunities you are missing. 
Introducing Site Sonar, the analytics that can pinpoint your visitors to a particular company. 
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Is your website getting the right traffic?

This can be a difficult question to answer. You may see reports of hundreds of visitors on your site coming to your website everyday but you receive no leads through your site. Why is this? There could be two reasons:

1. The visitors arriving on your site are not looking for your products or services so they quickly leave.

2. The visitors are looking for what your company provides, but something is putting them off from contacting you.

Site Sonar helps you determine which of these is holding back your site so you can devise a strategy to tackle the right problem.

1. Identify Visitors

Using a detailed database of worldwide company information, Site Sonar identifies visitors to your website so you can see those which are of interest to your company as good leads, and within your target market.
Directory Submission
Correct Wrong Entries
Update Changes
Visitor Tracking

2. Track Visitors Steps

Once a user has been identified, Site Sonar then tracks their path through your website, from how they arrived there, to when they leave. 

This information can then be utilized to identify pages on the site that would benefit from optimization.
Increase Visibility

3. Enhance Sales

Sales teams can use information gathered from Site Sonar to better target selling efforts. A visit of multiple pages from an ideal potential client could be followed up with via a phone call as there's a high chance they are looking for certain products/services you provide if they had visited your website.
Display Reviews
Encourage Reviews
Search Results with Review Stars
Goal Conversions

Site Sonar Benefits

Identify Visitors

See who is visiting your site

Track Visitors

See how visitors enter your site, what they do and when they leave

Enhance Sales

Pass lead data to your sales staff
A completely new way to think about your Digital Internet Marketing Strategy.
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