SONAR Pro Suite

Elevate Your Manufacturing Business with Sonar Pro Suite – The All-in-One ABM Platform
Sonar Pro Suite
Gain a decisive market advantage by anticipating prospect behavior months in advance. Seamlessly integrate with leading CRMs for a smooth and accelerated growth trajectory.

Sonar Pro Suite leverages a powerhouse of four growth tools to propel your manufacturing business to new heights. With Industrial Sonar,, HubSpot CRM, and comprehensive Executive Reporting, our platform ensures a holistic and streamlined approach. Revolutionize the way you identify, engage, build trust, and achieve unparalleled success.

Site Sonar Unmasking


Our platform’s ability to perform real-time searches and recognize your website visitors’ digital fingerprints is a critical step in generating valuable leads.

By accurately identifying and understanding visitor behavior, you can gain deeper insights into your audience, enabling more effective targeting and personalized marketing efforts. This foundational capability supports the subsequent value pillars, driving higher engagement, improved conversion rates, and ultimately fostering significant business growth.
Site Sonar Actionable Intelligence

Actionable Intelligence

Once our platform identifies your prospects’ digital fingerprints, we then associate precise product interests and engagement levels.

By identifying your prospects’ digital fingerprints, our platform accurately associates their specific product interests and engagement levels, categorizing them as cold, warm, or hot leads. This targeted insight allows you to tailor your marketing strategies and sales efforts effectively, ensuring you engage prospects at the right time with the right message. As a result, your business can grow by converting more leads into customers, optimizing resource allocation, and enhancing overall sales efficiency.

Site Sonar Enrich Company Data

Enriching Company Data

After identifying warm or hot leads, our platform delves deeper to find the precise contact information of key individuals at the lead’s company.

This targeted approach ensures that your sales team can directly engage with the most relevant decision-makers, streamlining your outreach efforts and increasing the likelihood of successful conversions. By connecting with the right people at the right time, your business can accelerate growth and maximize its sales potential.

Site Sonar Marketing List in CRM

Building a Marketing List

While not a requirement or part of the real-time data searches, we highly recommend building out a custom marketing list and driving “Top of Mind” or “Brand Awareness” campaigns.

These cost-effective campaigns significantly enhance visibility and engagement. Once prospects click on the ad link, Sonar can unmask up to 30% of all campaign clicks, providing valuable insights and enabling you to better understand and target your audience. This strategic approach boosts your brand’s presence and creates a foundation for more effective lead generation and conversion efforts.

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Sonar Pro Suite Tools

Site Sonar

Site Sonar, developed by SEOptiks and Industrial Marketing will unmask the companies on your website, show their buyer journey, and provide insights into how they found your website. Deep dive into user behavior with heatmapping, goal setting, and segmentation to build a company list to follow all within one platform.

By integrating with Site Sonar, you can significantly enrich your company data with accurate and up-to-date contact information. leverages AI technology to perform real-time searches, identifying and verifying emails, phone numbers, and direct dials from a vast database of over 1.9 billion records. This integration enhances your prospecting capabilities by providing precise data enrichment, ensuring your sales and marketing teams have the most relevant and actionable insights. With, Site Sonar users can streamline their outreach efforts, optimize their lead generation process, and ultimately drive more successful business outcomes.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Integrating a CRM with Site Sonar and revolutionizes your marketing efforts by providing comprehensive customer data management and advanced lead generation capabilities. With a CRM, you can store detailed customer information, segment your audience, and automate targeted marketing campaigns. Site Sonar enhances this by analyzing real-time visitor data to unmask potential leads, while enriches your contact information with verified emails, phone numbers, and direct dials. This powerful combination ensures precise targeting, efficient lead management, and insightful analytics, enabling your marketing team to craft personalized strategies, nurture leads effectively, and drive significant business growth.

Executive Reporting

Executive Reporting

Integrating Site Sonar,, and a CRM provides a robust foundation for executive reporting, which is essential for driving sales growth. Site Sonar delivers real-time insights into website visitor behavior, while enriches this data with accurate contact information. This combined data is then organized within your CRM, providing a comprehensive view of customer interactions and sales activities. Executive reporting leverages these insights to generate detailed analytics and performance metrics, enabling leaders to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and optimize marketing and sales strategies. By utilizing executive reporting, companies can track key performance indicators, monitor campaign effectiveness, and allocate resources more efficiently, ultimately leading to increased sales and business growth.

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