Site Sonar Advanced Tracking Tool

by Industrial Marketing

If you knew the name and phone number of a company that just looked at your website, could you make more money right away?
Of course you would, and that is why we start with Site Sonar. This tool gives your Sales and Marketing an unfair advantage over less sophisticated competitors. If you don't have it, you are at a huge disadvantage.

Looking for an agency that knows your industry?

Track Your Website Visits in Real Time

Site Sonar by Industrial Marketing allows you to determine who your website visitors are and where they are coming from giving you an advantage by having the ability to contact them and drive sales. Vistor profiles allow you to see in depth information about the vistor such as their location, device being used, how long they were on the site and the actions they took, as well as the company they are coming from. The software also shows new visitors as well as let's you know if it is a returning visitor and how many times they've been on your site and what pages and elements they interacted with. Knowing this information gives you everything you need to determine what they are searching for so that you can close the deal.

Visitor Profiles

Enhanced SEO


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