The “Invisible Buyer”

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How to find the Invisible Buyer

  • Are you finding that through all of your marketing efforts you’re still not making sales?
  • Are you getting clicks on your company website but without any action being taken?
  • Do you want to generate new customers?

Start making more money for your business today by uncovering the “invisible industrial buyer” who is on your website right now in the market for your products.

What is the Invisible Buyer

So what is the “invisible buyer”? The Invisible Buyer is the person on your website researching for their company to ensure they get the best product/service fit for their company. These buyers hardly ever take action before getting the information they need, so although your website may be getting multitudes of clicks, they rarely turn into sales. Before you invest ANY money in a brand new website, start by uncovering who is already on your website and what they are looking for.

Identifying the Invisible Buyer

If you had the chance to use a product that tells you the name of a company, the phone number, and which pages on your website they are looking at would you be able to call them and make a sale? Site Sonar a software developed by Industrial Marketing can help give you that information. This tool gives your sales and marketing teams a huge advantage over your competitors, and giving your company all of the information you need to close the deal.

Identifying the Invisible Buyer

Having the ability to obtain this information and identifying the invisible buyer on your website will allow your company to consistently make money and increasing your turnover rate. Visitor profiles within the software allow you to see in depth information about the invisible buyer such as their location, device being used, how long they were on the site and the actions they took, as well as the company they are coming from. There’s no need to spend any more money on marketing to bring in new customers if you already have the customers you want on your website. If you want to gain this in depth information, and generate sales for your business, let Industrial Marketing help you uncover the invisible buyer.

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