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If you’re looking to increase your web traffic and generate fast leads, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Industrial Marketing
 is your proven path to success.
PPC - Pay-Per-Click with Industrial Marketing

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A Tailored Approach to Pay Per Click Strategies

At Industrial Marketing, we can rocket your company to the top of the search results with our strategic take on PPC advertising and keyword integration. With each click, your company will gain prestige, authority, and potential clients, all while we will refine and reignite you marketing goals. Google AdWords, conversion tracking, and reporting are just the start.

1. Google AdWords

As a results-driven company, we know that budget and results go hand in hand—that’s why all our industrial PPC experts strategically manage your budget to target your ideal customer base with top-tier search engines.

By utilizing Google AdWords, we will get your company ranking at the top of the page, and you will gain conversions like never before.

Google Ads
Budget Management
Google Ads
Statistics Screenshot

2. Conversion Tracking

At Industrial Marketing, our conversion tracking helps turn leads into lifelong customers. We will monitor the activity on you site and adapt any elements that are lagging, all with the aim of boosting conversions. 

Our conversion tracking covers:
     - requests for information and quotes
     - contact form submissions
     - calls resulting from website visits
     - brochure downloads
     - app installations
     - call to actions
     - email sign-ups

and more….

Better Leads
More Conversions
Visitor Tracking

3. Reporting

After we have directed new visitors to your site and tracked conversions, we will provide comprehensive reports that show what your customers want and where they’re coming from. 

We will unlock statistics crucial for your business, including how users navigate your site and the exact keywords that drive customers to buy.

Understand Visitors
Understand Visitors
Your Website Activity
Reporting Dashboard

Industrial Marketing Pay Per Click Features

Customize Targets

Target the right users to increase click through rates.

Vistor Tracking

Track visitors through your site to see how well targeting is working.

Advanced Reporting

Get access to reports on all different analytics of your website - keyword performance, traffic, conversion rates, and more. 
A completely new way to think about your Digital Internet Marketing Strategy.
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