Grow Your Global Reach! 8 SEO Techniques You Need to Try in 2019

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Grow Your Global Reach! 8 SEO Techniques You Need to Try in 2019

Do you want to reach as many potential customers as possible? If so, click here to learn about 8 SEO techniques you need to try in 2019.

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Your company website gives you the potential to reach billions of internet users, but that doesn’t do you any good if no one knows your website exists. 

Yes, your company is now open for business to the world but so is every other company with an internet presence. That’s more than 1.6 billion sites competing for their attention.

So how do you stand out about the rest?

We’ve compiled 8 SEO techniques you need for your site to make its mark.

Search engine optimization is essential to ranking higher in search engine results. And being found by potential customers.

Keep reading to learn more about search engine optimization and the SEO techniques you should start using today!

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is a method of creating your site for consumers and search engines. 

Search engines are designed to provide the best results for their users. They use algorithms to do that. There are hundreds of factors taken into account by Google to deliver the results for each search. 

Search engine optimization takes these factors into account when creating content and building an online strategy.

SEO Techniques Should Seem Natural

The best SEO content includes search engine optimization techniques that seem completely natural to the reader. While you want to design content that meets the standards search engines look for, you always need to focus on satisfying your customer.

The keywords, links, content, and tags should all be relevant to your industry niche. It wouldn’t make much sense for a clothing company to have an entire blog focused on the construction industry…unless all they sold was construction clothing.

You want to use SEO techniques to help the right visitors that can be converted into customers find you.

Visual Content: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

You’ll initially attract more visitors with your digital content than any words you’ve written on the page. Content that includes visual content have 650% higher engagement than pages that include only text.

Visual content doesn’t just attract the eye of internet surfers but of search engines as well. Search engines like Google deliver not just general websites but on images and videos as well. This gives you three different opportunities for each page on your website to rank in the results.

Properly tagged photos and videos can be effective tools in bringing more traffic to your site from search engines, social media, and other sources.

Spread Your Social Butterfly Wings

If you aren’t already using the various popular social media sites as part of your branding and marketing strategy, you should be.

Social media expands your potential audience and gives you opportunities for marketing and has SEO benefits. 

The more shares, tweets, posts, and comments your company profiles can generate, the more relevant a source you become for search engines.

You also become more relevant to internet users who may not have considered or even heard of your company before. Social media gives you the chance to engage and interact with people who haven’t heard of you before.

Mobile First

More than half of the people who access the internet do so from a mobile device. This means your site needs to be compatible and geared to those visitors.

A site displays differently on a computer than it does on a cellphone. Creating a mobile-first site will ensure any searches conducted by a mobile device will display properly.

Keywords and Tags

Keywords and tags help visitors find you and search engines rank you when searching for something specific. 

Researching the best keywords for your niche is important so that you’re not putting all your effort into posts, photos, and content that isn’t producing results for you. 

Fast, User-Friendly Website

Your website will lose traffic and ranking in search engine results if it is not fast loading and user-friendly. You want to design a website that is functional and attractive.

A delay of just a few seconds will cause visitors to leave and not return to your site. Three seconds can be the difference between a life long customer and someone who never comes back.

You want visitors to stay on your website as long as possible, but it needs to be because they’re intrigued by what they see and satisfied with their experience not out of frustration trying to find what they’re searching for.

Educational, Entertaining Industry Blog

One of the best ways to create content to help you rank more often and better in the leading search engines is through writing an educational and entertaining blog about one or several areas of interest in your industry.

Each blog post can contain content and keywords that will be individually ranked for any search of those words. This means each page of your blog, if written for customers and search engines, can be a marketing tool.

The more pages with relevant material on a subject or keyword, the easier it is for search engine algorithms to rank you as an authority site in that area of expertise.

Consistently Create Content

One of the best ways to keep visitors coming back, attract new visitors, and be ranked better by search engines is to create content on a consistent and regular basis.

Your business contact information should be written the same way on every business listing. This consistent format will allow search engine algorithms to recognize each listing is connected. If you write Street out in one address listing then do not abbreviate it to St. in the next.

Your blog will attract a following and you want to provide them with content that they can count on. It should be relevant, factual, interesting, and updated regularly.

SEO Techniques Take Time So Start Now

It takes time, energy and research to design a website that is search engine optimized. It can also take some time for the positive results of those efforts to take full effect.

There are experts in website design, SEO techniques, and other online marketing niches to help you reach your full potential. Connect with us today to get started.

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