6 Effective Industrial Website Designs to Take Inspiration from

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover”. We all know this age-old quote, but do people really live by it?

No. According to researchers, in less than two-tenths of a second, an online visitor forms an opinion about your brand.

First impressions do count! You need to make sure your industrial website design captures and KEEPS the attention of potential customers. Otherwise, they will lose interest and move on.

To create an engaging website you first need to do your homework. Read on for some of the best industrial websites that are winning with their innovative designs, and find out what features are a must-have.

Top 6 Industrial Website Designs

Many manufacturing companies are run by super talented inventors. But in several cases, that brilliance doesn’t shine through their website.

To make an industrial website design that will “pop”, you need to create one that will function as an interactive experience, not a static online brochure.

The best industrial websites have most of these features:

  • Visually engaging
  • Striking imagery and videos
  • Logical and simple website navigation (on smartphones, tablets, and other devices)
  • Simplistic, clear design (where the visitor can understand the solution the company offers)
  • Other learning opportunities (e.g. blogs with strong CTAs)

Based on these factors, we have come up with 6 of the best industrial websites.

1. CAT

As soon as www.cat.com opens, you receive an introduction to how huge the company is!

The global map allows you to choose your country and preferred language. There are over 18 different translations available. Each regional section is localized with cultural expectations taken into consideration.

As you browse through the site, it’s clear to see that it all ties together. The simple yellow and black Caterpillar brand has been well known for years. You can see they have worked hard to define their image and make their brand exciting.

They have integrated high-quality imagery and easy menu navigation, as well as many moving headlines and clear calls to action.

The site is not too busy on the eye but has plenty of white space. This allows the viewer to focus on the products rather than the surroundings.

2. Lockheed Martin 

Lockheed Martin is one of the world’s top aerospace brands. And its website, likewise, is designed to soar high.

To show off their impressive portfolio of sophisticated aircraft, they use strong imagery. They also use an extensive drop-down menu that is easy to navigate.

The initial page starts with a bold call to action and gets you engaged from the first click. Each page invites visitors to explore more areas of the site.

The clean, simple navigation of the website is a reflection of who Lockheed Martin is. Prospective investors and customers can see this modern brand run throughout the site.

3. Lear

When you arrive on www.lear.com, you can see it is one of the best manufacturing websites around. This ultra-modern website gives you confidence that they truly are the leaders of their field.

Each page wows you with stunning videos, responsive panels, pop-ups, and clever fonts. You can see they have caught onto most of the current digital trends of 2018. But with all these visually stunning features, the main product still stands out.

The drop-down menu is clear and easy to use. The responsive panels dotted throughout the site allow visitors to explore the site thoroughly.

Whether you’re a supplier, investor, customer or job seeker, it’s clear where you need to go. It doesn’t feel cluttered or unorganized in any way, even when you’re using the website on a smartphone.


AGCO’s homepage blasts you with stunning agricultural imagery. After this professional looking start, you can scroll down to press releases and news style items.

The main menu is clear and simple to use. When you visit internal pages, there is a static left sidebar for all the subpages. Sidebars can be hard to pull off, but AGCO does it effectively, featuring bold fonts and social media links.

One of the best things about this website is that it is clear you are on an agricultural machinery website. There is a strong image and bold CTA on every page. As a whole, the industrial website design looks aesthetically pleasing.

And the website is available in 7 languages other than English!

5. Penske

Penske is a company that does transportation. And when you click onto their homepage, you definitely know it. Their HUGE slogan stating “Transportation Excellence” leaves no doubt as to what service they provide.

It doesn’t stop there. By clicking the side arrows you can find out the extent of their success with more bold slogans and impressive photography.

The main menu at the top of the page is simple and clear. But the homepage offers an interactive menu of its own. This hover feature menu makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for.

6. Martin Marietta

When you click on www.martinmarietta.com, it blows your mind for the first few seconds. The reason is the website has a completely untraditional layout. The main menu is in the left-hand column rather than the top of the site.

This layout, complete with icons, allows users to instantly find what they are looking for. The site flows throughout and doesn’t overload the viewer with useless info. All the text is short and to the point.

The main call to action is a product calculator. This feature is on every page. It not only looks smart, but it is also simple to use.

Don’t Get Left Behind!

As you can see, designing an industrial website isn’t just as simple as creating an online static brochure. Technology has moved on leaps and bounds, and you need to keep up. 

You may wonder how you can be as successful as companies like CAT or Lear. Well, the secret is, they don’t tackle it alone. They have a dedicated team to make their industrial website design the best around.

If you need help, you’ve come to the right place. We can work together to design the perfect website for your company. Click here to find out more.

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